Building Strength Capital Campaign

An update from Brian Boyd, Chair of the Building Strength Capital Campaign, May 11, 2015:


The final days and hours of April saw a flurry of donations hitting the books for TBH’s Building Strength Capital Campaign.  The dust settled during the first few days of May, and the final fundraising results are in.  We surpassed our goal by $21,000, secured the $100,000 challenge grant…and received an extra $25,000 from the challenge grant makers!

So…our final campaign total, all in: $1,046,572! 

Absolutely fantastic!thh-4

Donors numbering 142 dug deep and responded to the call for putting TBH’s financial house in order, and securing the health of our building for generations to come.

As a refresher, the purpose of this campaign was to secure sufficient funds to  retire the mortgage from our initial capital campaign from 10 years ago, and to establish our first dedicated building maintenance fund. While some pledges will be paid over time, the total secured in firm pledges brings TBH to a new level of organizational, communal and spiritual health.

We are reminded by Rabbi Ben Greenberg in his recent article,Synagogue Maintenance As A Sacred Endeavor, that the work of caring for and nurturing our spiritual home is often set aside, with our limited communal energy focused on programs and other more “dynamic” aspects of spiritual life. Yet in the quiet of our own wisdom we long for a home that reflects the level of care commensurate with sacred place-making.  And without such a secure, sacred home, our connection to our deepest desires for integrity, meaning, and relationship to the divine is compromised.

It has been an honor to serve over the past 18 months along with a tremendous and dedicated team of advocates, organizers, sleeve roller uppers, late night spreadsheet zombies, building stewards, investment advisers, envelope stuffers, photographers, message makers, problem solvers, and cheerleaders.

Next time you come across one of these heroes, take a moment to thank them.  This army of staff and volunteers made the Building Strength Capital Campaign possible:

Core Team:

    • Sonja Dordal, Scott Krueger, Judith Barnes, Carla Michalove, Marlene Biggs

TBH’s initial Building Strength Capital Campaign Committee:

      • Amy Brockman, Doreen Garcia, Beth Halpern, Scott Krueger, Charles Shelan, Jim Stevenson, Russ Lidman, Julie Frank, Rosemary Coleman, Rabbi Seth Goldstein

TBH’s newly established Building Stewardship Committee:

      • Len Trabka, Gary Schneider, Jeff Trinin, Scott Krueger

TBH’s newly established Investment Committee:

          • Charles Shelan, Larry Poplack, Barbara Gross, Gary Schneider, Andrea Lipper, Joel Sacks,Brian Boyd

 Mailing SWAT Team:

            • Stacy Hirsch, Evan Hirsch, Mike Krasnokutsky, Yana Levina, Erin Syversen, Gail Pollock, Lynn Lipski, Amy Brockman,Sara Eve Sarliker, Kim Lytle

The Entire TBH Board of Directors

With the success of this effort, may we all now be even better poised to direct our energy toward repairing our world, our families, ourselves and our building!

L’Shalom: with Love and Peace,
Brian Boyd

PS: The official campaign is now over and the fund now takes its place along side all of TBH’s various other funds as a  special place for folks considering planned/legacy gifts where perpetuity is desired. You can view the campaign materials here: Building Strength Campaign. And, to make a donation or pledge, you can print, fill out and return the following form: Pledge Form.