5778 / 2017 Annual Hanukkah Campaign

As winter brings shorter days and increased darkness, we light the candles of Hanukkah to remind us of the light that we can create.

Hanukkah means “dedication,” and the name of the holiday honors our ancient ancestors who took the time and the care to rededicate the ancient Temple after its desecration. Today, Hanukkah is a time to show our dedication to the institutions that are meaningful to us.

Please consider a year-end gift to support the work of Temple Beth Hatfiloh—which includes supporting our Rabbi and staff, our sacred space, and our programs–and help contribute to the vitality of Jewish life in the South Sound.

Donations may be submitted online through PayPal by clicking the “Donate” button above or you may download a printable donation form here.

  • TBH is sustained by those it serves. In the recent past…
  • Have you called upon the Rabbi with a question or for assistance?
  • Have you attended services, a class, or a speaker series?
  • Have you seen our children engaged in Jewish learning?
  • Have you appreciated TBH’s presence at an interfaith event?
  • Please consider making an end of year gift to TBH.

Click here to read Leslie Goldstein’s letter (PDF) and and download the Annual Campaign brochure (PDF).