Spiritual Life & Learning

Temple Beth Hatfiloh is here to serve the spiritual needs of the individual and the community. We at TBH recognize that our spiritual journeys are personal ones, and we foster the individual’s Jewish spiritual path and engagement with theology. We also believe in the importance of communal ritual and observance. At TBH, we honor both the traditions which the Jewish people have used for centuries to mark sacred time and space as well as the creative impulse to explore new Jewish expressions.

We strive to make the synagogue a place where members can move ever more deeply into Jewish religious experience. Our ideal is to create a supportive, stimulating context for everyone’s practice and learning, whether they are new to or already steeped in Jewish tradition.

TBH prayer services combine traditional liturgy, mainly in Hebrew, with contemporary melodies and texts. Services feature drashes (interpretive talks/sermons) and dialogue about the parashah (Torah portion) between the service leader and congregants. Members prize the communal dimension of prayer, embodied in a sense of intimacy, lively participation, lack of hierarchy and recognition of the diverse orientations towards Judaism of those who attend.